WheelEEZ® Sandpiper™ All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair

Coming Soon!

We believe everyone should have easy access to land, sand, and sea. That is why we created this all-terrain beach wheelchair called SandPiper!

The Sandpiper is an ‘All-Terrain Chair’ AND a ‘Beach Wheelchair’. A ‘Beach Wheelchair’ is primarily designed for beach or water use, whereas an ‘All Terrain Chair’ Sandpiper® is designed with unique WheelEEZ® polyurethane balloon wheels, allowing the user water access, PLUS a multitude of other terrains (beach, gravel, grass, rural areas, trails, and tracks etc.). Go Anywhere with Sandpiper® and enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Sandpiper All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair has all the features of the Sandcruiser but smaller to perfectly fit a young child. It is a smaller version of the Sandcruiser, with smaller balloon wheels and slightly smaller frame size (see specifications for details) and it is bright new yellow!! The Sandpiper’s® upholstery is manufactured from marine grade acrylic canvas, is ‘UV’ stable fabricated to manufacturer’s recommendations.