WheelEEZ® Wheels Are Superior – See the Difference!

Wheeleez SBC

Make Sure It’s A WheelEEZ®

Wheeleez 49U Wheel

NOT A Knock-Off

Insist on WheelEEZ® And Here’s Why!

Features & Qualities WheelEEZ® Knock-Off
Polyurethane (PU) tires featuring 100% USA made material. Available in 4 sizes. Yes No
Polyurethane tires are stable in a wide temperature range: -15 to 75 C (5 to 167 F). Yes No
Roll effortlessly over soft sand, mud and turf. Yes No
Equally superior performance on asphalt, concrete, gravel and rocks. Yes No
Our tires include bike-style Schrader valves with caps, no problematic needle style valves. Yes No
Stainless steel ball bearings reduce rolling resistance. Available in 2 sizes. Yes No
Molybdenum enhanced bushings improve gliding. Available in 3 sizes. Yes No
Replacement wheel parts are available if service is needed. Yes No

No Other Wheels Do This!

On Soft Sand

Wheeleez low-pressure balloon wheels flatten out soft sand.
You can haul heavy loads over the sand effortlessly.
Other wheels plow through the sand and dig ditches.
VIDEO: Wheeleez wheels vs normal wheels.

Or Challenging Terrain

Wheeleez low-pressure balloon wheels are soft.
Wheeleez Wheels conform to almost any terrain.
Wheeleez Balloon Wheels inflate to only 2-3 psi.
VIDEO: Wheeleez Are Used Around the World.

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