About WheelEEZ®

We are in the Wheel Business. What does this mean you may ask? We make wheels that are useful for many different purposes. Specifically, our wheels are designed to overcome obstacles (no pun intended). Our wheels assist in mobility issues, carrying boats, jet skis and kayaks. We are in the wheel business to help make people’s lives easier when it comes to traveling over rough terrain or soft sand. We believe in our wheels.

We are the original Balloon Wheel. There are many things that set us apart from the knock off balloon wheels out there and these facts are important to know when choosing your wheel (The WheelEEZ® Difference). The material we use is made in the USA. This material is polyurethane. A wonderful, strong material that if punctured can be mended with a soldering iron. This means the longevity of your wheel is extended if a puncture was to occur. We distribute our wheels all over the world, but our USA distributer is in Northern California. We have a close team of people who work to make sure your needs are met in our customer service, warranty and return departments. We have a design team that is constantly creating new helpful uses for our wheels. We are a family, it shows in our effort to make sure our customers know they matter.

Our goal is to make your vacation to the beach, or your fishing trip or kayak trip the happiest and most convenient trip you will ever have. Whether you need balloon wheels for your wheelchair, walker, small boat, or stand up paddle boards we have the product for you and we stand behind it. Thank you for your business.