My age and ankle problems have prevented me from doing such things as walking, or any activity on unstable ground. Recently I saw an elderly lady walking along the beach with a Wheeleez rollator. A few days after seeing how active and how easy the elderly lady moved around on the soft sand, I went and purchased one myself. From that day my whole quality of life has changed. I can now walk on soft sand, grass and uneven surfaces again by myself unassisted, something I have been unable to do for a long time!!
Thank you Wheeleez.

Gary Drew, Gold Coast. Qld. Australia

“The initial outing with the WheelEEZ® Rollator was great! My mother was able to easily navigate the beach that we’d last walked together on years ago. This was simply not possible with her standard rollator. After the morning spent beach combing, she kept using it for the short walk into town for lunch where the streets and sidewalks were no problem. We are thrilled my mother can get outside, move more, and enjoy the fresh air. This rollator is worth the money and has great quality. Thank you to the inventor and best regards!”

Greta G, New Jersey

“I bought a WheelEEZ® ATR for my 86-year old father. To everyone’s delight, he was immediately able to walk faster, further, and much more easily on the beach than before. Another specific difficulty had been gravel paths. Trying to go for a walk on gravel with a “conventional” rollator was hard work and frustrating for him. In contrast, the WheelEEZ® has been able to handle rough terrain with ease, right from the first outing. He finds it extremely easy to use and can now walk much longer distances without stopping. Instead of being confined to the small patio/terrace by the house, he can now go and explore all around. He is often stopped by the curious offering comments like “Love the design!”, “Where did you get those wheels?”, “Looks like a quality product.”, “I can see that would work well.” Overall, I am thrilled to see the immediate positive difference that the WheelEEZ® ATR has made in my father’s life mentally and physically. I feel it is allowing to rediscover his adventurous self.”

Gary S, Southern California


“There are a lot of new wheels on the market, but they are all s…, there is only one wheel, and I stand by it… WheelEEZ®!!”

Rudolph La Tegan, South Africa, April 2, 2018

“Just wanted you to know that my 42cm (16.5″) poly wheels and the kit arrived today via Fed Ex. They are on my Fish-n-Mate Jr. cart and they are just what I hoped. The hardware with spacers and U-bolts fit and it did not take that long to put it on. I have emailed the Fish-n-Mate folks in Florida and let them know that contrary to what they had told me that the 42cm poly wheels do fit the Junior cart and they might be advised to stop telling folks that they do not work on that particular cart. Just thought I would let you know that your assurances on the phone were right on.”

Mike F, Vero Beach, FL, January 30, 2018


Wheeleez BCF

“Thank you for the sales; email, but I still have my BCF. The cart is still great!”

Norman S, Florida, March 21, 2018
“The Wheeleez cart was my first Mother’s Day present!!! It’s all I wanted! I researched looking for something I can use for the beach, and still hold my child! I’ve now had it for 8 years. Same wheels. Still going strong!”
Shelley B, Florida, April 11, 2018
Wheeleez Beach Cart
“These are the greatest thing on beach sand!”
Roy G, Florida, June, 2018
“Thank you, so very much for taking the time and trouble to send me the packets for tire repairs. I have 5 of your beach carts that I make available for my renters to use and we all love them! 2 had flats, from sand spurs probably so I feel comfortable fixing them now. Your kindness and professionalism are greatly appreciated.”
Judy, Maryland,February 24, 2018
Wheeleez Beach Cart
Wheeleez Beach Cart Fun

“Seriously Best Cart for the Beach Ever!”

Wilson, August, 2018
Wheeleez Beach Cart with Balloon Wheels
“I Love our Beach Cart!!”
Donna, New York, August, 2018


Wheeleez PWC D36

“WheelEEZ® awesome product. You totally made our trip. This weekend the tide is about 400ft from the house, but our 6 wheel-PWC Dolly was effortless to get our PWC in and out.”

Dominic, Arizona, March 31, 2018


“Thank you for your excellent product. After sixteen years, our son, Jonathan, has finally been able to play on the beach and chase the waves. The balloon tires and wheels worked very well. With the U-bolts provided, I was able to find locations where I could drill and attach the U-bolts to the wheelchair where the axles were the same height and had sufficient separation between the front and rear tires. I leave the U-bolts on and, that way, they are ready when needed. Using a small platform dolly slipped under my son’s chair acting as a lift, I pop off his two large existing wheels, remove the two existing castor wheels, slip in the Wheeleez axles and spacers, tighten the U-bolts, slip on the four balloon tires and wheels with the quick clip pins, remove the dolly and we are off. No need to transfer him in and out of the chair. Frankly, it is like a tire change for a race car driver in the pits. Given his need for oxygen and support and stabilization in the wheelchair because of his 16 vertebrae fusion, a rental wheelchair would not work and we don’t have room for two wheelchairs when we travel. This kit is perfect and we appreciate that you make it available directly to the user. If you need pictures of the installation, I would be happy to provide them so it can help others. Thanks again! Jonathan was finally able to do what others can take for granted.” All the best!

Jerry, Lynn and Jonathan, California, August, 2016
“Kelly has always wanted to be able to travel on the beach, and now she can! Thanks to her adaptable wheels for her chair she can go right down to the water. Thank you Wheeleez!!!”
L. Pruitt, Florida, August, 2016


All Terrain Walker Kit
“Just installed the wheels and my wife now has mobility she would not otherwise have.”
Harvey, New Jersey, March, 2018

Thank you for WheelEEZ®!  I was able to get down the beach an to the ocean for our Halau’s Haipule today because of my all terrain WheelEEZ® 😘❤️ (Aloha! Charity, California) May, 2019

Charity, California, May 2019


BCK Cooler Kit

Hi, i thought your group would enjoy this pic from the famous Hamptons on long island NY. (August, 2019)

Long Island, NY, August, 2019


Kayak Cart Beach

” I use the Kayak Cart for hunting – nothing else I have used is as durable as the WheelEEZ® Kayak Cart”

Josh B, Indiana, October, 2018

“Hi! Theresa, I bought the kayak cart with the larger wheels. I always struggled bringing my 17 foot kayak uphill in the sand after a 3 hour paddle but even though I struggled I just thought of my struggle as an additional workout until…One day as I was carrying my kayak and had to turn around I almost hit a child because I was unable to control my kayak. I had seen a man with your WheelEEZ® easily moving from the water uphill in the sand with a heavy fishing kayak and, another friend had used your large wheels on his double kayak trailer and told me to buy yours. I read all the great reviews and when I came home that day I ordered mine. Should have done it a long time ago. I even use it to move my 200 pound fiberglass 32 foot ladder on uneven grass! Quality product.”

Sharon B, New York, March, 2019

“I own the kayak beach cart with the balloon wheels and also have the tuff tires with spacers. This cart is bombproof, lightweight and extremely well designed, strong and durable, mine is 8 yrs old and still going strong.For taking a 12 foot kayak down rutty trails in the mountains I know this cart with Tuff tires will get my kayak and gear to the water, and even if it falls over, with two straps it’s easy to right and keep going. Of course the balloon tires get my 14′ kayak over the sand with no problem. My only caution is to make sure you have extra quick clip pins. Once in a blue moon one might come off with the cart folded and strapped to my yak during a trip, (they never come off transporting my yak.) I keep a few zip locked to the cart. Other than that, I’ve used other carts and seen homemade ones and this cart is 10x better, folds easy, stronger and lightweight. Well worth the money and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of Wheeleez products based on the quality and performance of this cart.”

Alan L., Richmond, VA, October 2019


WheelEEZ® 30cm Balloon Wheels – Used on a Model Airplane for a smoother landing!

Fred M., Texas, August 2019

WheelEEZ® Wheels are very useful!! “Just wanted to show you what we came up for our son to get to the beach!”

Bill and Sue J. , New Jersey, August, 2019