1. On Challenging Terrain

  • Wheeleez low-pressure balloon wheels are soft.
  • They conform to the terrain.
  • Wheeleez balloon wheels inflate to only 2-3 psi.

VIDEO: Wheeleez Are Used Around the World

2. And On Soft Sand

  • Wheeleez low-pressure balloon wheels flatten out soft sand.
  • You can haul heavy loads over the sand effortlessly.
  • Other wheels plow through the sand and dig ditches.

VIDEO: See how normal wheels compare to low-pressure balloon wheeels.

No other wheels in the world do this!

Features & Qualities WheelEEZ® Others
Heavy duty, puncture resistant Polyurethane (PU) wheels featuring 80% US made material. Available in 4 sizes. Yes No
PU tires are stable in a wide temperature range: -15 to 75 C (5 to 167 F) Yes No
Excellent performance also on asphalt, concrete, gravel, and rocks. Yes No
Our tires include bike-style Schrader valves with caps, no problematic needle style valves. Yes No
Stainless steel ball bearings reduce rolling resistance. Yes No
Molybdenum enhanced bushings improve gliding. Yes No
Replacement parts available. Wheels break into components if service is needed. Yes No