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Chair and Conversion Kit Package

All-Terrain/Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kits with superior quality, comfortable and lightweight folding chair frame included.


Emma Enjoys the beach!

Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kits, 1 x 30cm & 2 x 42cm wheels converted Emma’s chair for beach cruising. Part# WZ1-BWCK-42

“Having the WheelEEZ® beach wheelchair conversion kit is going to allow me to enjoy all those things, so I don’t have to miss out anymore. Not only sandy beaches, but the conversion kit can also allow easy access over gravel pathways, woodland, tracks and trails. We tried it out for the first time a few weeks ago at Longniddry Beach, East Lothian in Scotland. It was a beautiful day and we had a great day with my sister and nephew.”

“Making memories with the ones I care about is what matters the most to me. So being able to spend time with my family and play with my nephew at the beach is a big deal. I want him to grow up in a world that doesn’t stop someone from living their live because they have a disability. I want to watch him build sandcastles, run into the water and jump over the waves and help him collect shells. I want to teach him facts about sea life and all that good stuff. My partner and I love the outdoors and nature, but always felt that the beach was off-limits for us. There were many times Allan would pass a stunning beach and wish he could take me there to share it with him. Now we can do that. Going to the beach is something I won’t ever take for granted.”

“An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.” The beach is the perfect place to get away from the daily grind. It’s a great way to switch off from the stress factors and just be in the moment. At least, that’s what it means to me. Being at the beach feels super relaxing especially feeling the warmth of the sun on my body (as someone who always feels cold, it feels amazing on my weak muscles). I love that the conversion kit fits onto my own manual wheelchair that has been set to my specific measurements and using my own custom wheelchair seat cushion adds to the comfort factor. It isn’t a generic one size beach wheelchair that anyone can use. It is using my manual wheelchair. The large beach wheels are puncture proof and provide a nice smooth ride too.”

Post by Simply Emma, 2019

Sue loves it!

Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kits, 1 x 30cm & 2 x 49cm wheels converted Sue McCabe’s chair.  Part# WZ1-BWCK-49

“We finally got the opportunity to get Sue’s chair out into the field today for some real-world use. The occasion was a family reunion of Sue’s cousins at the Connecticut shore. The wheel kit worked great on the sand and lawn and Sue loves it. It rolls very smoothly; and I think it might roll easier on the sand than rolling over the road to get to the beach. I got a pretty good workout also.”

Tom McCabe, August 2019

4-Wheel FUN for Jonathan!

Two Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kits with 2 x 49cm wheels ordered to convert Jonathan’s chair. Part# WZ1-WC-BCK-49

“Thank you for your excellent product. After sixteen years, our son, Jonathan, has finally been able to play on the beach and chase the waves. The balloon tires and wheels worked very well. With the U-bolts provided, I was able to find locations where I could drill and attach the U-bolts to the wheelchair where the axles were the same height and had enough separation between the front and rear tires. I leave the U-bolts on and, that way, they are ready when needed. Using a small platform dolly slipped under my son’s chair acting as a lift, I pop off his two large existing wheels, remove the two existing castor wheels, slip in the Wheeleez axles and spacers, tighten the U-bolts, slip on the four balloon tires and wheels with the quick clip pins, remove the dolly and we are off. No need to transfer him in and out of the chair. Frankly, it is like a tire change for a race car driver in the pits. Given his need for oxygen and support and stabilization in the wheelchair because of his 16 vertebrae fusion, a rental wheelchair would not work, and we don’t have room for two wheelchairs when we travel. This kit is perfect, and we appreciate that you make it available directly to the user. If you need pictures of the installation, I would be happy to provide them so it can help others. Thanks again! Jonathan was finally able to do what others can take for granted.”  All the best, (Jerry, Lynn and Jonathan; California) August 2016

Jerry, Lynn and Jonathan, California, August 2016